How might we pray generally for the Church persecuted at the hand of Islam?  What ways to pray are applicable to both individual instances of persecution, and also to the general tide of persecution that affects the Christians throughout the Muslim world?  Here are 10 universal ways to pray for brothers and sisters in Christ that are timeless and can be used widely.


 …for the perseverance of the saints in the face of suffering and injustice.


…for the identification and unity of persecuted believers with Christ in His suffering so that their faith may grow.


…for the spiritual comfort of suffering saints that arises from their unity with Christ even though their physical condition may be incomprehensibly painful.


…for the expansion of the kingdom of God that grows out of suffering in Christ’s name; for faith that emerges like purified gold from hearts that realize that God’s kingdom is better than man-made ‘peace’ and comfort.


…against the spiritual powers and principalities that are behind Islam generally and behind individual Muslims engaged in persecution.


…for changed hearts of those doing the persecuting as the response of their victims shows them a glimpse of God’s kingdom.


…for the growth of the Church—in both breadth and depth—in areas of Muslim dominance.


. . . for the emergence of Christian communities and for spiritual and material support for Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) who reside in hostile Muslim territory.


…for the worldwide church to rise up in prayer; for us as individuals to take our daily prayer to a higher level of fervency—on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters.


… for the rising awareness of persecution to spark a worldwide revival among God’s people and a reliance upon God to deal with persecution’s injustice rather than relying on political solutions through the efforts of men and governments.

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