Uganda– Nassif is 9 years old . . . and his skin is scarred from where he was tortured for wanting to worship Jesus instead of Allah.

On June 5, Nassif’s neighbor took him to a church in a neighboring village. After the service, Nassif followed the pastor into the church kitchen, asking the pastor to show him how to pray so that Jesus could be his Savior. They prayed.

Nassif went home. He didn’t want to go back to the madrassa (Islamic school), and his father and step-mother became very, very angry when they learned that he had converted to Christianity. They withheld food from him, and Nassif began to starve. He went to his neighbor for food, but his father found out.

Nassif Malagara in hospital. [PCMorning Star News]

Nassif Malagara in hospital. [PCMorning Star News]

“Islam is against such conversion”

On June 9, Nassif’s father, Abubakar, beat him, tied him to a banana tree, and set fire to it. Neighbors intervened and rushed the boy to the hospital, where his recovery has been slow and painful.

The pastor who prayed with Nassif has been receiving threats, like this text message: “We know that you are behind the conversion of Nassif to Christianity. You will soon reap what you have sown, which will be a lesson to others. Islam is against such conversion.”

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“For the Lord takes pleasure in His people, He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.” — Psalm 10:12


Banana tree like what Nassif was tied to and burned by his Muslim father

Banana tree like what Nassif was tied to and burned by his Muslim father

8/8 — Pray that Nassif will make a complete physical and emotional recovery as he rests in the love of his perfect heavenly Father.

8/9 — Ask God to pour out wisdom, courage and strength into Nassif’s young mind and heart. Pray that his new faith in Christ Jesus will continue to grow deep roots.

8/10 — Pray for strong Christian fellowship to surround Nassif in the truth of who God is and what His Word says.

8/11 — Pray for the Holy Spirit to equip believers in Uganda with His supernatural strength to love their enemies.

8/12 — Pray that many Muslims in Uganda would see the power of the Lord through the testimony of believers.

8/13 — Pray that Christian pastors in Uganda will be filled with boldness to shepherd their flocks with truth and grace.

8/14 — Pray for God to draw Nassif’s family to repentance.

8/15 — Ask God to turn the tide of Islam in Uganda.



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