Despite greater alleged tolerance of other religions after the 2011 Arab Spring, Muslims in Morocco who “tire of the contradictions of Islam” — and seek the harmony of Jesus — continue to face a future of persecution.

“Family and close friends turned their backs on me, I was shunned at work. My children were bullied at school.”

Mustapha knew the inconsistencies and internal conflicts within Islam very well. He was the son of an expert on Islamic law, and he was not satisfied with following Muhammad. In 1994, he left Islam and began to worship Jesus.

“I was tired of the contradictions in Islam,” he said. “I became interested in Christianity through a long correspondence with a religious centre in Spain in the late 1980s.”

Moroccan Christian converts attend a prayer meeting at a home near Agadir, Morocco on April 22 (PC: Getty Images)

For two decades, he kept quiet, but a year and a half ago, Mustapha began openly talking about his conversion. He posted a video online explaining his faith in Christ and immediately felt the sting of rejection.

In 2011, post-Arab Spring Morocco adopted a more “tolerant” constitution that supposedly guarantees religious freedom. However, anyone convicted of evangelizing a Muslim can be imprisoned for up to three years and apostates like Mustapha face harassment and persecution. In fact, article 220 of Morocco’s penal code states that those inducing a Muslim to convert may be punished by six months to three years in prison. Aid organizations and NGO’s have to be very careful not to appear to be promoting Christian values in Morocco or risk being banned.

Former Muslim, now Christian convert Mustapha (PC: AFP)

In April, Mustapha and several other Moroccan believers appealed to the government for the following rights, which on paper they already have: “. . . the right to give our children Christian names, to pray in churches, to be buried in Christian cemeteries and to marry according to our religion.”

“Your statutes have been my songs, in the house of my sojourning.”
— Psalm 119:54

Pray —

6/16 — Pray that Mustapha and other Christians in Morocco will not shrink back or fear the rejection of man that they suffer for clinging to Christ in a sin-stained world.

6/17— Converts from Islam face a special kind of assault, both spiritually and physically. Mustapha’s story is a reminder to get on our knees and pray for their endurance!

Mosque tower in Marrakech, Morocco (PC: Wikimedia)

6/18 — Praise God for Mustapha’s faith in Jesus and pray for his mind and heart to rest in the promises of God. Ask God to use the witness of Christian converts in Morocco, like Mustapha, to shine His light into the darkness.

6/19 — Pray for a turning of the tide of Islam in Morocco and that God will use organizations and authorities to rightly guard and protect the lives and liberty of Christians.

6/20 — Pray for solid Christian fellowship and sound Gospel-driven teaching to encourage and shepherd Mustapha and other believers in Morocco during this time when their precious faith is being tested as through fire.

6/21 — Praise God for the supernatural growth of His church in Morocco through the seeds of suffering and dispersion.

6/22 — Pray that Christians in Morocco will set their anchored hope in the Commander of heavenly armies.

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