Smyrna’s ministry partners throughout the world are intent upon shepherding former Muslims whom God is leading out of the darkness of Islam into the light of Christ.

Out of Ghana comes a story of God’s unparalleled ability to work purpose out of our pain, and cause beauty to rise from the ashes. (Isaiah 61:3) One of Smyrna’s Ghanaian partners, shares the recent experience of a Christian woman named Aisha. Aisha grew up a Muslim and didn’t question her family’s faith until she encountered a Christian woman at a local market and began having dreams about Jesus. Aisha sought the Christian woman for help, and after hearing the Gospel clearly explained, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

Our partner provides women’s vocational training in Ghana

She returned home, and could not keep from sharing her decision with her brother. When Aisha’s father found out, he beat her and threw her into a closet without food to persuade her to renounce her faith. Because she now understood the love of Christ for her, Aisha would not deny Him. Her family disowned her and forbid her from ever returning.

Our partner’s ministry stepped in and supplied money for Aisha to begin selling nut-cakes in the market. As a result, Aisha has become a courageous evangelist in her community. Our partner says, “In the midst of all the obstacles she faces, she is always full of joy of having Jesus and sharing the gospel in the power of the Lord.” Stand fast, Aisha!

“Do not grieve for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” — Neh. 8:10

Pray —

4/24 — Pray along with Aisha that her family will come to know Christ. Pray for her continued, courageous witness.

4/25 — Pray that Christians in Ghana will continue to reach out to the lost with the saving message of God’s love, and especially for God’s empowerment of our ministry partner to continue the vital work of shepherding new believers in Christ.

4/26 — Pray for provision of Aisha’s physical needs. Pray for her emotional, physical and spiritual healing after what she suffered at the hands of her Muslim family.

4/27 — Ask God to soften the hearts of Aisha’s family to understand and believe the truth of who Christ is.

4/28 — Pray that God will stir the hearts and consciences of Muslims whom Aisha encounters, that they might believe the Gospel and trust in Jesus.

4/29 — Ask God to strengthen new Ghanaian Christian converts in their faith through Biblical teaching and fellowship.

4/30 — Pray that the Church in Ghana will be unified in love. Ask God to thwart the enemy’s plans to deceive and destroy. Pray for believers’ spirits of boldness.

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