Madina, a Christian widow and mother of five children living in eastern Uganda, welcomed her Muslim neighbors into her home for a visit on Christmas day, 2017. The two neighbors brought her gifts of sugar, salt, soap, matchboxes, groundnuts and cooking oil, which she gratefully received.

At lunchtime on Christmas day, Madina went to use some of the cooking oil she was given.  Just before serving the meal to her family members, Madina tested the food.

Village officials in eastern Uganda question Taaka Hajira, who confessed to poisoning her Christian neighbor. (Photo Source: Morning Star News)

Not five minutes later, she began uncontrollably vomiting.  One of her in-laws told Morning Star News, “When she started screaming and was continuously vomiting, I called in a taxi and rushed her to Kabuna dispensary, where it was found that she had been poisoned.” Praise God that after spending one night in the medical center, Madina made a recovery.

One of her neighbors confessed to attempting to poison Madina and her family because of their conversion from Islam to Christianity two years ago. Not long after becoming a Christian, Madina’s husband died, leaving her to raise their five children, ages 5-14. Pray for God to uphold and protect them.

“Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” — 1 Corinth. 15:58


2/8 — Praise God that Madina survived and healed from the poisoning and that no one else in her family was injured. Pray for her identity and security to rest fully in Christ.  

2/9 — Ask our Lord to provide sustenance and security for Madina and her five children. Ask God to strengthen Madina’s faith in Him during this troubling trial.

2/10 — Pray that God would use Madina’s faith and perseverance to draw her Muslim neighbors, friends and relatives into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

2/11 — Pray for Madina’s hope and trust to remain solely in the Lord, no matter what her Muslim neighbors attempt to do. Praise God that He is the one who keeps Madina and her family in the palm of His Hand in perfect love.

2/12 — Ask the Father to prevent the devil from gaining a foothold in Madina’s life during this trial. Ask God to protect Madina’s heart from bitterness and malice.

2/13 — Praise God for His tender, loving heart toward widows, like Madina. Pray that her trust will be firmly rooted in His Word and her hope anchored in His promises.

2/14 — Ask God to supply all the needs—food, shelter, clothing, education, community—of Madina and her kids.

2/15 — Pray for close Christian fellowship for Madina.

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