In Ethiopia, teenage girls sharing the Gospel in love are arrested and jailed by fanatically intolerant Muslims.


After attending an evangelism training course with other local believers, 15-year-old Eden and her friends Mihiret (14), Gifti (14), and Deborah (18) began reaching out to Muslims in Babile, a small town in eastern Ethiopia. They handed out copies of a book written by a local believer titled, Let’s Speak the Truth in Love: Answers to Questions by Ahmed Deedat. The book tackles questions asked by a Muslim leader (the former head of the Islamic Propagation Center International).

Local Muslims were enraged, however, and organized an attack on the girls’ church. The result was that all four girls were arrested. They were charged with “inciting religious violence” and sentenced to a month in prison. On the first night of their imprisonment, Eden was beaten. When a friend was allowed to visit her, she said Eden was not discouraged. “This (suffering) is an honor for us. We should expect persecution. We are not afraid. We are singing and praying here in prison.”

An Ethiopian woman holds her Bible (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

Praise God, the girls have served their month-long sentence and have been released and are reported to be in good health. Pray their courageous testimony opens many hearts to the truth about Jesus!

[Note: Babile is about 19 miles down the road from Harar, a place known in Arabic as “the city of Saints,” and revered as the fourth most holy Islamic city. There are 110 mosques (3 of which were built in the 10th century) and 102 shrines. Babile’s proximity to this Islamic stronghold may help explain why Christian evangelism is treated so harshly.]

“For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” — 2 Chronicles 16:9

Pray —

Harar, Ethiopia is known as the country’s holy Islamic walled citadel (Photo: Shutterstock)

3/9 – Pray that Eden, Mihiret, Gifti and Deborah’s zeal for the Gospel will increase as they spend time in His presence.

3/10 – Pray that God will open new doors for the Gospel in Ethiopia so that many Muslims will hear and believe.

3/11 – Pray for these four young girls to claim the shield of faith in Christ as their own in the place of fear and doubt.

3/12 – Ask God to fill His daughters Eden, Mihiret, Gifti and Deborah in Ethiopia with jubilant songs of His salvation and of their inheritance in Christ. Pray that their wisdom and endurance will increase as they lean on God’s word for understanding.

3/13 – Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw these four girls into the abiding joy and unquenchable peace that Christ provides.

3/14 – Ask God to remind Christians in Ethiopia that He hears their prayers and that He delights in offering provision and protection for them.

3/15 – Pray that the oppressive stronghold of Islam in Ethiopia will be broken as the Gospel is heard and spread. Pray for perseverance for His faithful ones sharing the Good News among Muslims.

3/16 – Pray the four girls will delve deeply into His Word.

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