Jail time now extends six years for an Iranian Christian convert whose Gospel message is feared by Muslim authorities.

The first time Ebrahim Firoozi was arrested, in 2010, it was because the 25-year-old welder had converted from Islam to Christianity. Iranian authorities told him they would let him go if he would simply declare himself to be a Muslim.

But Ebrahim refused to deny his Savior.

So the Revolutionary Court threw him in jail for five months.

Ebrahim Firouzi, age 31

Ebrahim Firouzi, age 31

Islam is a political, legal, and cultural system — not just a religion — so that Christian converts are regarded as threats to the Islamic underpinnings of Muslim states.

Ebrahim was released in June 2011, but arrested again in March 2012. He had “attempted to create a website teaching about Christianity” (which was considered to be his attempt to convert people out of Islam, an activity which Iran considers to be a crime that “undermines” their national security), and he was imprisoned again.

He was released, but after only a few months, he was arrested a third time.

In the spring of 2015, an Iranian judge sentenced him to five additional years in prison, this time on the charge of “disturbing national security.”

Ebrahim, now 31, has appealed this sentence, but he is still waiting to hear the final verdict

Rajai Shahr prison where Ebrahim is currently confined

Rajai Shahr prison where Ebrahim is currently confined

Sources believed his appeal will be decided this summer, but sadly, on July 13, when his hearing was supposed to take place, one of the judges was absent so the appeal has been postponed again, this time until November. Ebrahim was beaten by a prison guard and has been denied access to Christian reading materials.

In March, he said, “We sometimes have to sacrifice our freedom to live in God’s love, so I can’t think only about myself when there are so many believers suffering persecution.”

Ebrahim’s heart reflects his understanding that his own incarceration is temporary until he is freed by Christ, but the bondage of Muslims to the lies of Islam is permanent unless they repent and turn to Jesus.

“No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of GOD and of the LAMB will be in it, and His servants will worship HIM. They will see HIS face, and HIS NAME will be on their foreheads. And night will be no more.” – Revelation 22:3-5


8/16 – Pray for the Iranian judges to hear Ebrahim’s appeal and rule to release him from prison; ask God to open their eyes to see that belief in Christ does not mean an Iranian hates their country, but rather that they love it and wish to see it set free from the bondage of Islam.

8/17 – Ask God who commands legions of angels to fill Ebrahim with songs of His deliverance, protection, and unfailing favor.

8/18 – Pray that while imprisoned, Ebrahim relies on God. Ask God to keep Ebrahim’s heart for evangelism from growing weary or faint. Pray that Ebrahim is fortified by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

8/19 – Ask God to work in the hearts of the judges, the court, and the authorities so that Ebrahim’s testimony for Christ is made clear; pray for Ebrahim’s release.

8/20 – Pray that the efforts of Christian evangelism begun by Ebrahim before his arrest will continue to flourish.

8/21– Pray for Ebrahim to obtain access to a Bible; pray for believers who are distributing copies of God’s Word in Iran to be protected from discovery. Pray these Bibles shed light into the darkness and set prisoners free from the spiritual oppression of Islam.

8/22 – Ask God to fill Iranian Christians with His boldness and pray that they stand confidently in the righteousness of Jesus and not their own good works.


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