Turkey’s continued slide into Islamic authoritarianism threatens many Christians, including Smyrna’s partner who ministers to children there.

As this prayer guide request is sent, Smyrna’s partner in Turkey is finalizing the location of a kids camp where they will host several hundred children this summer to hear the Gospel. They recently were able to move their office to a better location and are grateful for the provision of funds, some of which you sent, to enable doing so.

He also asked for prayer for the recent June 24th snap election in Turkey, where for the first time the electorate voted for an executive president who would have extraordinary, unprecedented power over political and economic decisions. There was little doubt that Erdogan would be re-elected, and that is indeed what has happened. According to the Washington Post, when Erdogan announced the snap elections in April, certain that he would win, it exemplified his authoritarian rule that seeks to hide behind a “facade of democratic legitimacy.”

Our partner’s Gospel-centered children’s summer camp in Turkey

As Erdogan’s actions and words indicate, he is aiming to become a great Islamic leader, and Christians in Turkey are aware of the growing threats in their nation for all non-Muslims. President Erdogan recently responded to the Austrian government’s closure of some radical mosques by ominously forecasting the spark of ‘war between the cross and the crescent’.
Our partner urges, “Pray for God’s will to be accomplished in this election and for the environment in Turkey to be fruitful for the ministry of the Word. May He be our focus and may we walk in His light during these coming months. I want to give you our heartfelt thanks for all your praying and encouragement.”

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news.” — Isaiah 52:7

Pray —

Re-elected Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan (PC: Reuters)

7/1 — Pray that many children in Turkey receive salvation through faith in Christ at the upcoming kids camps.

7/2 — Pray that hard-pressed Christians in Turkey will meditate on the truths of God’s Word and abide in Him.

7/3 — Pray for the unexplainable peace of Christ to rule in the hearts and minds of our Turkish family in Christ.

7/4 — Pray that Christians in Turkey will find their supreme delight, joy and rest in Christ alone.

7/5 — Pray for the immediate release of imprisoned American Pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey.

7/6 — Praise God that suffering experienced by Christians in Turkey is preparing them for riches in heaven.

7/7 — Ask God to enable a spirit of fervent love in Turkish Christians when they interact with Muslims.

7/8— Ask God to preserve and sustain the Church in Turkey according to His great faithfulness and lovingkindness.

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