Though already imperiled and forced underground, the Christian remnant in Somalia is bracing for a surge of Islamic attacks this year since the release of the first official propaganda video by ISIS Somalian affiliates at the end of 2017.

A propaganda video distributed recently in Somalia encourages ISIS supporters to “hunt down and attack non-believers.” Converts from Islam will undoubtedly face the greatest risk; at least 23 suspected Christian converts were killed last year alone.

One Somalian Christian, under the pseudonym Moses, told a priest, “Violence is in [our] homes and we, who are few, we risk our lives every day. Those born in the 90s have become intolerant and do not understand their elders who profess Christianity. Therefore the elders flee, go away from their children and grandchildren.” He added that some Christians “were killed by their children’s children”.

Village scene in Somalia (PC: World Watch Monitor)

The U.N. reported in November that the Islamic State’s footprint is indeed spreading into northern Somalia. In the last year its militant recruits grew from a few dozen to up to 200. Security officials believe Somalia now represents a “haven” for defeated ISIS militants from Iraq and Syria. This threat led to the U.S.’s first-time air strike last November on ISIS fighters in Somalia, targeting Abdul Qadir Mumin, the Somali-born British citizen and leader of the Islamic State in Somalia.

Pray for God’s loving plan to use and redeem the suffering of His beloved children in Somalia. Not one cry or tear will be wasted that is spent for Christ. Praise God that in January of this year, the Somalian government rescued 35 boys from captivity by Islamic terror group Al Shabaab.

“Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God.”
— Psalm 146: 5

Pray —

Al Shabaab militants are forcibly recruiting hundreds of children as soldiers and suicide bombers. (PC: Reuters)

3/24 — Pray for God’s powerful protection for house churches and secret Christians in Somalia today.

3/25 — Pray for Christians in Somalia to have Spirit-empowered love and forgiveness toward their enemies as they are conformed into the image of our Savior, Jesus.

3/26 — Pray for Christians living under Islamic oppression in Somalia to look to the God of all hope for His strength that is made perfect in our weakness and humanity.

3/27 — Pray for deep, soul-filling joy in the presence of Jesus for believers facing persecution in Somalia.

3/28 — Pray that the Spirit of God will show every Somali Christian the height, breadth and depth of His love for them as they trust in His Word to grow their faith.

3/29 — Ask the Lord to lovingly minister great comfort and hope through His unfailing Word to Somali Christians. Pray that they will know of His provision and restoration in their lives and communities.

3/30 — Pray that Somali Christians will persevere in the truth of their redemption and salvation in Christ and stand firm in His armor against the schemes of the devil.

3/31 — Pray for wisdom because of the danger for Christians evangelizing Muslims in Somalia. Pray that they will boldly share the life-altering message of His Gospel.

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