Brutal murders near the border with Palestinian Gaza highlight the grave consequences for Christians as Egypt faces a “cocktail of challenges that position it as a center of radical Islam”

On May 6, four masked men shot and killed 40-year-old Nabeel Fawzi, a Christian business owner who, according to International Christian Concern, had just returned to the El-Arish area a few days before. He and his family had fled their home after seven Christians were murdered in their city during January and February.

Nabeel, unable to find work elsewhere, had returned home and reopened his barbershop. “He was opening his barbershop from time to time over the last 10 days. On Saturday, May 6, four masked gunmen broke into his shop and shot him in the head, resulting in immediate death,” shared one relative of Nabeel’s.

Many Coptic Christian families have fled to the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya after the series of murders by Islamic State militants this year (PC: AFP)

That same day, the decapitated bodies of a father and his two sons were found on a street in Rafah, a town in northern Sinai. The men had been kidnapped by jihadists who suspected them of working against ISIS.

Islamic State jihadists have openly stated that Christians in Egypt are their “favorite prey,” and “legitimate targets,” backing up their declaration by killing at least 45 believers in two churches on Palm Sunday. The group has issued warnings for Muslims to stay away from churches and other Christian gatherings, and many believers in Egypt are wrestling with fear for their safety every day.

“How abundant is your goodness which You have laid up for those who
fear, revere and worship You.” — Psalm 31:19

Pray —

The aftermath of an explosion that took place at a Coptic church on Sunday in Tanta, Egypt, April 9, 2017. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

6/9 — Pray for God to bring immense comfort and solace to those Christians in Egypt grieving the loss of loved ones who are now perfected in the presence of Jesus.

6/10 — Pray that the active power and will of God to submit all things to His authority and redeem every instance of brokenness will be known by Christians in Egypt who now face threats each day from ISIS sympathizers and members.

6/11 — Pray that God will pour out His marvelous grace on frightened Christians in Egypt. Pray that they will be filled with His Spirit of peace in believing the Gospel.

6/12 — Pray for Egyptian believers’ continued boldness and endurance in the face of imminent danger and death. Ask God to remind them that He will lead them beside still waters into His mercy when they place their trust in Him.

6/13 — Pray that God will remind believers in Egypt that He exchanges deserts for rivers of joy, sorrow for dancing.

6/14 — Pray that God’s Spirit will enable Christians in Egypt to love and forgive their persecutors.

6/15 — Pray for healing and physical endurance for Christians in Egypt who have been attacked for their faith. Pray that they will rely daily on the Sword of the Spirit, the inerrant, inspired and unfailing Word of God.

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