In Malaysia, where the Islamic system controls both religious and legal rights, those who acknowledge Christ as Savior are left without national identity.

Four Christians were refused an appeal to change their religious identity from Muslim to Christian by the highest Federal Court in Malaysia on February 27th. The Court of Appeals President wrote that “no such legal provision for deciding apostasy cases existed in the law.”

Malaysia’s Federal Court is housed in the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya, Malaysia (PC: World Watch Monitor)

According to reports, the Federal Court held that the appellants are still considered to be Muslims and must then fall under the Sharia (Islamic) Court’s jurisdiction. The son of the attorney representing the four converts finds that this ruling “seems to suggest a double standard of the jurisdiction of the civil courts and the interpretation of [the federal constitution].”

Christians who have tried to appeal for a change of religious identity know that the Malaysian courts hold them in a no-win situation. The rigid code of sharia law would never allow the conversion of a Muslim to Christianity. Per the Malaysian Constitution, all ethnic Malays are born Muslim, and anyone who leaves Islam is declared to be a non-Malay and an apostate.

Despite this, a Malaysian church leader recently encouraged believers not to lose hope, exhorting: “Pray, continue to pray. With God, nothing is impossible.”

“But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” — Amos 5:24


4/9 — Pray that the legal roadblock will not discourage converts from openly proclaiming their new life in Christ Jesus.

4/10 — Praise God that all the suffering experienced by Malaysian Christians is preparing them for riches in heaven.

4/11 — Ask God to enable a spirit of fervent love in Malaysian Christians when they interact with Muslims.

4/12 — Pray that Christians in Malaysia will clothe themselves in humility as they cast their burdens on the Lord.

4/13 — Pray that Christians in Malaysia will find their supreme delight, joy and rest in Christ alone.

4/14 — Ask God to equip pastors and teachers in Malaysia to build the Church on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ.

4/15 — Pray that the appeal for justice for Christians in the Malaysian Muslim courts will be revived and succeed.

4/16 — Pray for the growth of the Malaysian Church.

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