The undeniable hatred of Christ by Islam is on full display in Egypt as Muslims once again attack local Copts for their religion.

For the last several weeks Christians in Menbal, Egypt, have dealt with the aftermath of frightening attacks on their homes and churches by enraged Muslim mobs. Menbal is also the hometown of Gaber Mounir Adly, one of the 21 Christian men beheaded on the beach in Libya by ISIS in 2015.

Coptic Christian homes in Menbal under attack. (PC: Fides/ICC)

The cause of Muslims’ initial violent outrage in Menbal was a Facebook post made by 35-year-old Abdo Adel on July 5th, that Muslims claim insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Since free speech is a right alien to Muslim-dominated cultures, Abdo was arrested the following day and charged with contempt of Islam.

Even though Abdo was arrested, enraged Muslims still sought to take matters into their own hands and plotted an attack on Abdo’s house. Police arrived to disperse the mob.

On July 9th police again responded to mob violence directed against Christians and their properties. “The Muslim extremists in our village and the nearby villages incited the Muslim villagers against us …. They began pelting the Coptic-owned houses with stones and bricks, while shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ [Allah is the greatest] and chanting slogans against Copts, such as ‘We will displace you and the priest from our village, oh kaffir [infidels], oh the worshipers of the cross, oh defiled people’,” a resident told World Watch Monitor.

“But the LORD loves justice; He will not forsake His saints.” — Ps.37:28

Pray —

The mob also lashed out to attack this Church of Saint Tadros in Menbal, Egypt (PC: World Watch Monitor)

8/24 — Pray for deep, genuine study of the Word of God to bear fruit and transform fear into peace for Coptic Christians. (“They will be called oaks of righteousness…” Is. 61:3)

8/25 — Pray for Egyptian believers to guard their minds from fear by putting on the helmet of Christ’s salvation.

8/26 — Praise God for the courage of evangelists in Egypt!

8/27 — Pray for Egyptian believers to rest fully assured of God’s perfect justice and righteousness for His people.

8/28 — Praise God for those He is drawing out of Islam in Egypt and into fellowship with His Son and His saints.

8/29 — Pray that Christians facing physical threats will stand firm as citizens of heaven through the person of Jesus Christ.

8/30 — Ask God to preserve His faithful ones in Egypt.

8/31 — Praise God that He is working all things together for good (Romans 8:28) for our Egyptian brothers and sisters and for the glory of His holy name.

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