Muslim totalitarians from ISIS murder a busload of Christian families, but the media attention allows survivors to publicly testify of God’s love and forgiveness — stunning Muslims throughout Egypt.

“The more we prayed for Christ, the angrier they became and started shooting again and more violently.”

Boshra Kamel was driving a bus full of families to a monastery south of Cairo when he was shot several times by ISIS militants. According to the Washington Post, the 56 year old Coptic Christian pretended to be dead, but he heard the gunmen trying to force his passengers to convert to Islam. Samia, whose husband, son, and 4-year-old granddaughter were slaughtered, told the gunmen, “We are Christians and we will die Christians.” They shot her, although she survived.

One of the buses attacked by machine-gun wielding jihadists in Egypt’s Minya province (PC: AP Photo)

“In a second, they [the gunmen] got inside and shot at every living and moving object they could see. Even the little children were targets to them.” – Boshra Kamel

The jihadists killed 30 people, including an 18-month-old baby girl in the arms of her mother. The baby’s grandmother, Nadia, was also on board. She was shot three times but survived. After the attack, she told a Washington Post reporter, “We forgive them. I pray God touches their hearts and changes them so that they see the right path.”

Christians in the Minya region have been targeted by over 75 Islam-motivated attacks in the last 6 years. The latest wave of violence is crushing; pray for endurance for the Church in Egypt and faithfulness to the Word of God.

Minya, Egypt (PC: Wikipedia)

An Open Doors contact in Egypt said that God is using even this satanic terrorist attack “as the greatest gospel platform in Egypt’s history.” “After each attack, we’ve had the opportunity to speak out in the media and to testify about the gospel message of love and forgiveness in the face of evil. This kind of forgiveness is jaw-dropping to the Muslim community.”

“And the Lord will strike Egypt, He will strike and heal it; they will return to the Lord, and He will be entreated by them and heal them.” — Isaiah 19:22

Pray —

7/24 — Pray for the Lord to meet the families of the martyred Egyptian Christians in their mourning and to strengthen and encourage them to persevere.

7/25 — Pray for Egyptian Christians to set before them as constant encouragement the example of Jesus who faced utter torture and rejection by His own and yet loved them.

7/26 — Pray for spiritual discipline and training in the lives of Coptic Christians in Egypt that they may trust the ways God is working in their lives and in their country.

7/27— Pray for renewed hope in God’s Word for the devastated and grieving Christian families in Egypt; may they know they are forever held within His everlasting arms.

7/28 — Pray that Egyptian Christians will transfer the heavy task of forgiving and loving their persecutors over to the able shoulders of Christ who has borne all of our sins.

7/29 — Pray for Christians in Egypt to take great delight in God’s Word and His presence and grow in their desire to serve Him above all else.

7/30 — Pray for protection of our Church family in Egypt.

7/31 — Pray that Christian pastors in Egypt will encourage their congregations, many of whom will experience direct threats and violence, to spend time absorbing, memorizing and meditating on God’s Word daily.

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