In what is regarded a campaign to wipe out Christianity, Church leaders in Sudan run great risk of being falsely accused and thrown into Sudanese prison because of the long-running effort by the Islamic Government of Sudan (GoS) to seize and destroy church properties.

Five leaders of the Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC) were arrested in October and have been charged with causing “sound pollution” through what the Sudanese authorities deemed were excessively loud church services. Their hearings were then postponed until mid-November.

For anyone whose eardrums have been bombarded with Islam’s incessant “calls to prayer” throughout the day, the irony of Muslim authorities claiming sound pollution from Christian services is unmatched.

A church service in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

In addition to the continual arrest of church leaders, Sudanese officials have marked 25 churches for destruction and are holding a consignment of Bibles from its intended recipients for over two years. Elizabeth Kendal, author of Turn Back the Battle, says that “the harassment and persecution is all part of the expressed intent of the GoS to rid Sudan of Christianity.”

Former Prime Minister in Sudan, Sadiq al-Mahdi spoke in October, “The continued violation of religious, media, and political freedoms is another proof that the lifting of the US sanctions was only a means of granting an umbrella for the regime to continue its oppression.”

Please keep in prayer Smyrna’s ministry partner in Sudan. His ministry centers around the danger zone of the Nuba Mountains where Muslim governmental authorities have relentlessly bombed Christian villages and inflicted devastating economic hardship.

“Teach me Your way, O Lord, And lead me in a smooth path, because of my enemies.” — Psalm 27:11

Pray —

The Sudanese government restricts the number of Bibles distributed in Sudan. (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

12/17— Pray that Christians in Sudan will commit themselves to the dedicated study of God’s Word and seek Him wholeheartedly that they might reflect His glory.

12/18 — Pray for the collapse of the corrupt Islamic regime in Sudan. Pray for the salvation of Muslim government officials now bent on the destruction of Christianity.

12/19 — We praise God that He is the perfect Judge, and we ask Him to bring peace and a just outcome for Sudanese believers living in the tension of this injustice.

12/20 — Pray for the tremendous growth and perseverance of the Church in Sudan even when church buildings are being targeted and demolished by Sudanese authorities.

12/21 — Pray for Sudanese Christians to lay their fears and doubts at the foot of the Cross where Jesus defeated the law of death forever and paved the way for everlasting joy!

12/22 — Ask God to give pastors in Sudan wisdom and grace as they lead their churches through fiery trials. Pray for their unity and strength through the Spirit’s power despite all of the unrest and chaos around them.

12/23 — Ask God to fill the Church in Sudan with His joy!

12/24 — Pray for justice and protection in the cases of Sudanese pastors falsely accused, arrested and imprisoned.

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