IMG_0326I’m tired.

For the past twenty-two days, I’ve been writing on Islamic practices and history, and researching current events in the Islamic world. For the past twenty-two days, as Muslims around the world observe the fast (and feast) of Ramadan, I’ve been reading about how women in Islamic communities are beaten, starved, forced into marriages, whipped, stabbed, and shot in the name of Allah. How Satan is at work through Islam, twisting and perverting the minds of men until they believe that their abuse of their co-Image bearers is actually pleasing God.

And I’m tired.

I’m not talking about lack of sleep or weariness of the body.

My spirit is tired.

Today, while my 3-month-old daughter napped, I read about 22 year-old Muqaddas in Pakistan. CNN reported how she was eight months pregnant and visiting a maternity clinic for a checkup when her mom showed up. Her own mother dragged her ‘home,’ so her own brother could slit her throat.

And I had to stop. I had to close my eyes and weep to El Roi – the God Who Sees – because the picture of Islam I’ve been looking at is too much for me.

But it is not too much for Him.

He is not tired; He never grows weak or weary (Isaiah 40:28).

Our Father knows the names of each of the 1.7 billion people enslaved in the false religious system of Islam. He knows their hearts, and He has commissioned His people to go out and make disciples, even in strongholds and cities where the name of Jesus Christ has not been spoken in worship. He has told us, “The end of the world is coming soon. Therefore, be earnest and disciplined in your prayers” (1 Peter 4:7).

Yes, I want the visible powers-that-be to open their eyes and see Islam for what it is – a brutal, comprehensive religious system that controls and dictates every aspect of life.

Yes, I want the feminist groups and the human rights groups to wake up and start championing the cause of women oppressed in the name of Allah.

Yes, I want our government to confront the abuses that trace their roots back to Muhammad’s legacy.

But ultimately, my heart burns for the hope of the Gospel to reach the ears of Muslim men and women, even and especially women like Muqaddas’s mother.

Can you imagine the spiritual bonds suffocating this woman who gave her daughter and grandbaby to be killed?  Can you imagine the depth of her spiritual despair under Allah?

Ultimately, I long for the Kingdom of God to be proclaimed in power, for Jesus’s cry of “Repent and believe the Gospel” (Mark 1:15) to ring out louder than the muezzin’s voice.

So I am closing my eyes and seeking to be “earnest and disciplined” in my prayers for those under Islam.

As always, thank you for joining me. We are God’s co-laborers (1 Corinthians 13:9). It is like a drink of water to my thirsty soul to know there are others engaged in the hard work of prayer.

-Cate and the team at Smyrna

P.S.  In these final days of Ramadan if you’d like to find specific prayer requests (or review the earlier ones), I’ll be sharing them on the Smyrna Facebook or you can find them here on the website.


Cate, a graduate of Patrick Henry College, serves as Smyrna’s Senior Research Editor. Wife, mom of three crazy kids, she knows the challenge of making time to pray for the Persecuted and testifies that His grace is sufficient!

Smyrna Insight is an e-commentary on current events involving Islamic persecution, Christian ministry in the Islamic context, and other topics dealing with the Persecuted Church suffering at the hand of Islam. Smyrna does not necessarily endorse all of the views and opinions in the news stories we share.

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