“His love and concern for the people of Turkey is unmistakable, as he has dedicated 23 years of his life to serving them. This is what makes his imprisonment and the unfounded charges so unbelievable and shocking.”


Andrew Brunson – originally from Black Mountain, N.C. – is imprisoned in Izmir, Turkey, which is the site of the ancient Greek city of Smyrna. The 48-year-old American pastor has been interrogated by authorities who claim that a “secret informant” provided evidence that Andrew is a member of “an armed terrorist organization.” Allegations were also brought against Pastor Andrew that he supported the attempted military coup in July 2016.

“The government of Turkey — led by an Islamic party — has begun increased crackdowns on Christians, and Pastor Andrew, if convicted, may face years in prison based on extremely serious — and false — charges,” said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, the organization that will represent the Brunson family.

Pastor Andrew Brunson (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

For almost three months, Turkish authorities prevented Pastor Andrew from contacting his lawyer, and now a Turkish court has ruled that Pastor Andrew’s attorney will not be given access to the court’s case files concerning his “crimes.” An initial appeal for his release was rejected by a Turkish court, though there is still no formal case opened against Pastor Brunson.

Prison officials refused to allow him to keep his Bible in prison, although a recent report indicates that he has finally been allowed to have a New Testament. His family, including his wife Norine, (who was detained by authorities for 13 days in October and then released) asks us to pray for his swift release from prison in Izmir.

“My meditation of Him shall be sweet. As for me, I will be glad in the Lord.” — Psalm 104:34

Pray —

Pastor Andrew’s wife Norine stands below Izmir’s Harmandanli Detention Center where her husband is being held.

2/22 – Pray that the “incriminating evidence” brought against Pastor Andrew for his imprisonment will be proven false and will be thrown out. Pray for his soon release.

2/23 – Ask God to comfort Pastor Andrew’s wife Norine, and their family and friends as they await word about his case.

2/24 – Pray for all imprisoned Christians in Turkey to allow Christ’s peace to guard their minds and hearts against destructive lies.

2/25 – Pray that Christians facing persecution in Turkey will rejoice in the joy of their salvation and inheritance in Christ!

2/26 – Pray that God will use Pastor Andrew’s time in Turkish prison to accomplish things for God’s glory and his good that are beyond our limited sight. (1 Cor. 2:9)

2/27 – Ask God to turn the hearts of Turkish authorities and leaders toward the pursuit of justice and liberty for all.

2/28 – Pray that Christians in Turkey will take courage knowing that Jesus is seated victoriously at the right hand of God and is always interceding for His beloved bride, the Church.

You may also sign a petition for the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson at the ACLJ here: https://beheardproject.com/andrew

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