Uganda children escape from their Muslim kidnappers who were incensed at their father’s trust in Christ.

A Christian father in Uganda recently experienced the immense relief of reunion with his children who were kidnapped two years ago and believed to either be dead or to have been recruited to an Islamic terror group. Badiru Madengho, from Uganda, thought he may never see three of his children again after they were kidnapped in December 2015.

Eastern Uganda, where kidnappings of children for ransom are increasing threat. (PC: Reuters)

Badiru is a convert from Islam and while he was away from his home, area Muslims came looking for him. When they didn’t find him, they took his children instead. Badiru’s two sons, (now ages 12 and 10) and daughter (now age 7) were able to escape just a couple months ago. It took them two weeks after escaping to find their father again.

Badiru knows that it was God’s protection that preserved his children these two years and asks for prayer for their recovery from Islamic indoctrination, malnourishment and poor conditions they suffered. He shares,

“It seems the person who took my children had an intention of Islamizing them as well as wanting them to join a terrorist group. Thank God for saving my children in a miraculous way. The God who saved them is able to restore them back to a good, sound mind. I am very grateful to all the Christians who have continually prayed for us and the children.”

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” — Psalm 20:7

Christians praying at a service in Eastern Uganda. (PC: Morning Star News)

Pray —

9/9 — Pray that Badiru’s children in Uganda will receive the spiritual, physical and emotional healing they need to move past the hardships of the last two years.

9/10 — Pray that many will hear of Jesus’ redemptive love as a result of the faith and story of Badiru’s family in Uganda.

9/11 — Pray for His protection for Christians in Uganda.

9/12 — Ask God to calm the fears and quiet the hearts of Badiru’s three children when they struggle with memories of their two years in captivity.

9/13 — Pray that Badiru will lead his family to rest in the truth of God’s Word to replace the forced indoctrination of Islamic creed to which his children were subjected.

9/14 — Pray for those who kidnapped Badiru’s children. Pray that they will be convicted of sin, repent before God, and know the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ.

9/15 — Pray for the Ugandan Church to grow in His grace.

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